About the Macau Hackathon 2015

Hackathon 2015

On November 28th, we organized the very first hackathon in Macau.The hackathon was part of the “This Is My City – The Creative Festival” and organized in collaboration with MacauSource and sponsors by Wiz Technology.

We had about 20 hackers in the great space of the Macau Design Center from 10am to 9pm. For the majority of us, it was our first hackathon and therefore we were a bit worried on how it will run. I must admit that it has been quite successful, everyone was very motivated and enjoyed the day. We met new people, create new mockups/application/prototypes together and promise to organise another one in 2016…of course with more people!

4 teams were created to work on different projects (see below). They worked from 10:30am to 8pm, then we went on the roof-top of the Macau Design Center to have a unique experience: presenting each projects under the stars (I should rather say ‘under the sky’, since we usually do not see the stars in Macau 🙁 . It was really a beautiful experience, good weather and some food and drinks. You can see more photo below as well as a first video.


This is a work in progress… We will add detail description, presentations, screenshots and github links as soon as possible.

Team 1: Sensornet

A mobile application tracking your path around the city, data collected can be shared with the Open Data API (Team 3) and used to generate heatmaps…

  • Team mates: Filipe Farinha, Filipa Martins,Junio Branco
  • Github:
  • Presentation:

Team 2: FollowMe

A platform (both hardware and software) to publish project documentation with step by step tutorial using your mobile phone to capture photos and an online platform to share with the local community. Ideally, a platform that could be implemented in local schools.

Team mates: Marco Leong, Victory , Sherlock Li, Welson Ling

Team 3: Open Data

A simple API for any project to store and share data in order to allow other application to create value to the raw data.

Team mates: Alexandre Alonso,Haochi

Team 4: Macau Incident Report

A web, Android and IOS applications to report incident on the public spaces (dammaged roads, light broken…) .

Team mates: Tim Ma, Kary Leong, Isaac Sun, Steven Lei, Terence Ung


Hackathon Quickview

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